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Site Map

Menu Items Description Submenu Items Description
Home An overview of Assistance League of Austin. This is the page that opens when the site's address is typed in the browser's address line Chapter Highlights Recent Chapter events and happenings
About Us Statistics and facts from our most recently completed fiscal year Our Boards Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council
    History Beginnings of the national and local organizations, and recent Austin Chapter history
    A Message from the President A letter from our current Chapter President to our readers
    Strategic Plan The current Assistance League of Austin Strategic Plan
Fundraising All about our sources of funding Endowment Fund A challenge grant from Austin Community Foundation
    Grants, Memorials, Donations Those who have helped
    Thrift House Resale department store staffed and administered entirely by volunteers
Programs Specifics about our philanthropic programs Assault Survivor Kits Toilet articles and new clothing for the assault survivor
    Assistance League Scholarships Scholarship recipients are selected on a basis of need, a desire to learn, and recommendations from ACC faculty
    Bus With Us Escorted excursions for senior citizens
    Fresh Start Foster youth receive assistance moving from foster care to independent living
    Operation School Bell Clothing for Austin children who do not attend school due to lack of proper clothing
    Operation Wish List Provides assistance to AISD schools which have a high percentage of students at risk
    Outreach Provides one-time services
    Toy Cart A gift of a toy and a book brightens the day of young patients and their families at Dell Children's Medical Center
    Waste Not Tracks unusable items to other 501(c)(3)'s
Contribute How to contribute to Assistance League of Austin    
Become a Member How to join Assistance League of Austin Volunteer Application Form Interactive form to apply to be an Assistance League of Austin volunteer
    Training Dates Current new member training schedule
    Informational Coffee Next Informational Coffee schedule
Thrift House Resale department store staffed and administered entirely by volunteers How You Can Donate Bring your donations to our Donor Door
    Custom Flower Arrangements Examples of custom flower arrangements made by volunteers
Help This page Navigation How to get around our website
    Site Map How to find the web page you are looking for
Member Log In Access to the member's portion of our website    
Contact Us How to contact us (footer only)    
Privacy Policy Our privacy policy (footer only)    
Newsletter Signup How to sign up for the Thrift House Newsletter (footer only)